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The Clan Rules Empty The Clan Rules

Post  Abdi161 on Mon Aug 04, 2008 6:34 am

General Rules

1. We have a one-clan-only policy - You must be in Fame Clan only. The only exception is joining Pest Control clans. Any other accounts you own must not be in any other clan either.

2. You must respect other members. No racist, sexist, or other insulting remarks may be made within the clan or outside of it. If you have a problem with a member of Fame or The Alliance please contact a Leader.

3. You must abide by the Runescape Rules. The punishment for breaking this rule is dependent on which rule is being broken. For example scamming someone will get you kicked from Fame.

Inner Clan Conduct

4. Do not misuse our forums and our chat room. Spamming, flaming, posting adult images, accessing accounts that don't belong to you and acts of incredible immaturity constitute "misuse."

5. When you attend an activity you must follow that activities rules. For example do not bring rune to a steel war

6. You are not allowed to abuse any type of moderator or admin powers. This includes the Forum.
Remember, mod/admin powers are a privilege; abusing them will cause you to lose them or/and get suspended.

7. If you are online during a Mandatory Activity you must attend it. Mandatory activities are always posted a few days in advance.

8. Confidential information should not be discussed with anyone who does not have access to it. For example you should not tell a non-member our PK times and information posted on staff boards can not be posted publicly without permission from a Leader.

Bounty Hunter Rules

9. You must not intentionally attack another member of Fame or any of our allied clans, even if they are your targets.

10. You must be an honourable PKer. Remember that you are representing Fame at all times.

12. If you are pking with non-members and your team kills a member of Fame, you must refund or return the items. If you are killed by an ally, please pm a Leader.

13. You may not loot rune unless victory is guarenteed or you have to leave immediately afterwards. In longer battles food must always take priority over rune.

PR Rules

14. Do not flame or flame bait on any public or private forum, if you dislike another clan then leave their public forums alone and ignore them on public forums.

15. Do not answer a post about our clan on a public forum if you're not in the position to answer it.

Rs Clan Chat

16. You must follow rules while connected to cc. These rules are as follows:

*No Open Proxies
*No Warez
*No Malicious Bots
*No Flooding/Spamming
*No Advertising
*No Identity Theft
*No Adult Content
*Do Not Abuse Services
*Do Not Evade Server Or Channel Bans
*Respect ALL Users

17. While in the Runescape Clan Chat you must remember that any rulebreaking can be reported to Jagex and action may be taken against your account. We will not ask our members to 'turn a blind eye' to any rule-breaking in there so don't give anyone a reason to report you.

18. When you have read the above 17 rules and agree to follow them, please post this on your application:


[color=indigo]Orange Glows[/color]

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The Clan Rules Empty eek.

Post  bluesky174 on Wed Aug 06, 2008 1:04 am

i think i got it memorize affraid

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The Clan Rules Empty Re: The Clan Rules

Post  atruepuremag on Wed Aug 06, 2008 2:18 pm

i will never be able to mem all that. jsuit being a good person is good enough for me =]

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The Clan Rules Empty Re: The Clan Rules

Post  Eontios on Mon Aug 11, 2008 2:07 pm

Orange Glows?

I think you should also add the exception of random clan wars clans, a lot of people just clan hop to clan war.
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The Clan Rules Empty Re: The Clan Rules

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